Perspectives - Dmitry Kirshner
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Power Lines in Blizzard I

Power Lines in Blizzard I

Manitoba is known for its frigid winters and expansive prairies. I really wanted to somehow incorporate that into a single image. This photo was taken during a blizzard in December of 2016. The temperature was below -30C with hauling winds that were merciless on me and my gear - my fingers were numb trying to focus a lens that was almost completely frozen and I could barely able to see through the viewfinder because of the tears running from my eyes and caused by the lashing tiny icy needles whipped up by the wind. But in the end I had this image - it was worth it!

This image is one of the series photographs all exploring the depth and longing power of perspective. The viewer's attention is inevitably drawn to the point of convergence which we all interpret differently thus creating our own stories about this place.